December 7th, 2017

Why old-school PostgreSQL is so hip again

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PostgreSQL (aka Postgres) is old as dirt, yet over the past five years it has panned out as pure gold. MongoDB got the billion-dollar IPO and AWS launched the mind-bendingly cool Aurora Serverless, but it’s PostgreSQL that keeps having its moment—again and again and again.

Now the world’s fourth most popular database, according to DB-Engines’ multicomponent ranking, PostgreSQL has a ways to go before it surpasses Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Yet at its current pace, there’s every reason to expect it could get there.

The question is why? Why is PostgreSQL not just the hottest tenant in the database old folks home but also hot with the hipsters?

PostgreSQL now scales, thanks to Citus

Arguably, one of the biggest innovations to hit PostgreSQL in years made it look a bit less frumpy: native JSON support in PostgreSQL 9.2. Originally it wasn’t very good, but by Version 9.4 JSONB gave the venerable database significant mojo (and heavy-duty indexing).

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