May 30th, 2017

NPM 5 reworks the cache for speed, but could break existing apps

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NPM, the popular JavaScript package manager, is being upgraded for better performance.

Expected to be released tomorrow, NPM Version 5.0 is two to six times faster than NPM 4, said Kat Marchan, a member of the NPM team. Other improvements include better defaults, simplified options, and better error messages.

NPM’s cache has been rewritten for speed. It also is fault-tolerant and supports concurrent access. Corrupted cache entries are automatically removed and refetched. Also, an NPM cache verify command performs garbage collection to reduce disk usage and provide integrity verification.

For reliability, NPM Version 5.0 offers better disk and network fault tolerance, an automatic offline mode, and automatic corruption recovery. New installer features include a standardized lock file for cross-package manager compatibility with package-lock.json as well as a new format and semantics for shrinkwrap.

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