June 6th, 2017

Kotlin’s a rising star in language popularity index

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Boosted by its ties to Android mobile application development, Kotlin is a rising star in the Tiobe language popularity index.

The statically typed language developed by JetBrains initially for the Java Virtual Machine, reached the top 50 in the index this month for the first time, ranking 43rd, although it has a rating of just 0.346 percent. Still, this places Kotlin ahead of other more-established languages such as Groovy and Erlang. Kotlin was ranked 80th just last month.

Software quality services vendor Tiobe’s index assesses language popularity based on a formula that examines searches in popular search engines such as Google, Wikipedia, Bing, and Yahoo, looking at the number of skilled engineers, courses, and third-party vendors related to a language.

Tiobe Managing Director Paul Jansen sees even better days ahead for Kotlin. Unveiled in 2011, the Kotlin language could become a top-20 player in the index, he said. “It might be considered the Swift variant for Android in some ways,” Jansen said. Apple’s Swift language was ranked 12th this month, just three years after its debut. “Since Swift is in the top 20, Kotlin could reach that position too,” Jansen said. A mixture of expressive power and compilation speed might be Kotlin’s keys to success, he said.

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