December 18th, 2017

Java JDK 10: What new features to expect in the next Java

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Developers who may be just getting used to Java 9, released in September 2017, will have only a few months left before the next generation of Java is out. In mid-December, the planned Java Development Kit 10 upgrade moved to a rampdown phase. In the initial rampdown phase, only P1 through P3 bugs can be fixed.

When JDK 10 will be released

JDK 10, an implementation of Java Standard Edition 10, is due for production release on March 20, 2018. Key improvements proposed include a local type inference and a “clean” interface for garbage collection.

Oracle has set a six-month release cadence for Java releases. There had been plans to name this upgrade and successors based on the year and month of the release, with the first release to be called Java 18.3. But those plans were scrapped after objections were raised.

Where to downoad JDK 10

You can download the beta versions of JDK 10 after agreeing to join the early adopter program.

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