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I got the error [wsdlc] [ERROR] A class/interface with the same name "" is already in use. Use a class customization to resolve this conflict. a few days ago when I tried to generate the Java code from a WSDL file, using Oracle’s wsdlc Ant task. The problem is caused by having two elements with the same name, but with a different namespace, in the WSDL file. For example the following bit of code will result in the error above:… Read the rest

JavaScript Object Notation is a schema-less, text-based representation of structured data that is based on key-value pairs and ordered lists. Although JSON is derived from JavaScript, it is supported either natively or through libraries in most major programming languages. JSON is commonly, but not exclusively, used to exchange information between web clients and web servers. 

Over the last 15 years, JSON has become ubiquitous on the web. Today it is the format of choice for almost every publicly available web … Read the rest