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JEP 266: More Concurrency Updates defines an interoperable publish-subscribe framework for reactive streams, enhancements to the java.util.concurrent.CompletableFuture class, and various other improvements. This post wraps up my series on Java 9’s other new enhancements by acquainting you with these concurrency enhancements.

Publish-subscribe framework for reactive streams

Java 9 includes a publish-subscribe framework for reactive streams. In this section, I first introduce the concept of reactive streams and then present this publish-subscribe framework.

Introducing reactive streams

Data processing has evolved from … Read the rest

The first half of this tutorial introduced you to regular expressions and the Regex API. You learned about the Pattern class, then worked through examples demonstrating regex constructs, from basic pattern matching with literal strings to more complex matches using ranges, boundary matchers, and quantifiers.

In Part 2 we’ll pick up where we left off, exploring methods associated with the Pattern, Matcher, and PatternSyntaxException classes. You’ll also be introduced to two tools that use regular expressions to simplify … Read the rest

Because software solutions rarely operate in a vacuum, integration is a necessary fact of life for many developers. Sometimes it’s easy. Anyone who has integrated an application into Slack, for example, will have been treated to an incredibly smooth experience. In many cases it’s as simple as filling in a form (a URL or two, an … Read the rest

Oracle is banking on REST and JSON to modernize Java EE for microservices and the cloud.

It may seem like ages since REST stole thunder from SOAP as a mechanism for providing web services communications. REST, in conjunction with JSON and HTTP, proved a far simpler means for delivering web services than SOAP, which has long been criticized for complexity.

Fast-forward to the present, and Oracle is now positioning REST and JSON as critical cogs in its Java EE … Read the rest