February 14th, 2017

Tryton News: Foundation Budget 2017

Programing, Python, by admin.

Budget CC BY 2.0 TaxCredits.net

Budget for 2017

The Foundation has decided to publish a budget for 2017. This is the result of
requests from the community will to know what are the plans of the Foundation.
Of course as the revenue of the Foundation relies only on donation, we can not
guarantee that every things will be realized. Indeed we have ordered the points
by priority. Each point will be activated once we have we reach its donation

Here are the donations from 2017.

Budget points

  • 500€: Infrastructure (rental and maintenance of servers).
  • 750€: Miscellaneous management fees.
  • 2250€: Redesign of the website by a professional.
  • 3250€: Creation of the missing icons by a designer.
  • 5250€: Organization of first hackathon by inviting key developers
    for a week-end.

You can help the Foundation by making a donation.

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