August 23rd, 2017

Serverless computing may kill Google Cloud Platform

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Google, which has had to claw its way back into cloud relevance in the shadows of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, suddenly finds itself playing catchup again, thanks to the rise of serverless computing. Although Google Cloud Platform still trails AWS and Azure by a considerable margin in general cloud revenue, its strengths in AI and container infrastructure (Kubernetes) have given it a credible seat at the cloud table.

Or would, if the world weren’t quickly moving toward a serverless future.

In serverless computing, as Server Density CEO David Mytton points out, “Google is quite far behind” because of a dearth of services. Although Google will continue to churn out new functionality for its customers, its pace of innovation for Google Cloud Platform has yet to match that of either AWS or Azure. In short, unless Google gets its serverless act together—and soon—it risks losing the momentum it has managed to build over the past year.

For years, AWS had the cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market all to itself. Microsoft was late to the party, but with its strong ties to CIOs and a savvy hybrid cloud story, Azure has quickly become a serious contender to Amazon’s cloud throne. Google, however, has had to settle for a distant third place:

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