November 24th, 2017

Reuven Lerner: Black Friday sale: 40% off my Python and Git books and courses

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Happy Black Friday!  OK, I know: It’s not really a holiday.  And I don’t even live in the US.  But somehow, Black Friday has become a world-wide shopping and discount phenomenon.

Like many other independent authors and trainers, I’m offering big discounts today — 40% off all of my books and courses.

The discount is nice, of course. But even nicer is having a more satisfying and lucrative career, which happens when you’re able to solve more and bigger problems than before.

Here’s a list of the products I’m offering:

  • Weekly Python Exercise, my year-long course that improves your Python via weekly exercises, group discussion, and live office hours, has a new cohort starting on January 2nd.  You can only join WPE as part of a cohort, part of my overall goal of getting people to learn from one another.  Which means that if you wait too long, you’ll miss the chance to level up your Python skills in the best way I know.
  • My ebooks, Practice Makes Python and Practice Makes Regexp, are available, in book and complete (book + videos) form.  Better yet: You can now preview a number of the videos!
  • My recorded courses on Understanding Git, functional Python, object-oriented Python, and decorators in Python are for sale, at 40% off.  These courses are currently recordings from live versions I gave earlier this year, and have helped many others to improve their skills.  However, I’m revamping these courses to be more watch-on-your-own-time friendly, and you’ll get a free upgrade to the newer version, when it comes out, as part of my “forever free” course purchase policy.

All of these are available at  And as always, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied.

Questions? Just e-mail me at!

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