September 16th, 2018

PyBites: PyBites Twitter Digest – Issue 29, 2018

Python, by admin.

A handy template to generate basic Python project structures.

Submitted by @Erik.

Nice one! A great #template for generating a basic #Python project structure! @pybites

— Julian Sequeira (@_juliansequeira) September 16, 2018

Ooo Language focused Docker images

Submitted by @dgjustice.

You have few options when it comes to making your Docker images smaller: 1. Use multi-stage builds 2. Use distroles…

— learnk8s (@learnk8s) September 09, 2018

Hacktoberfest is almost here!!

It’s year 5 for #hacktoberfest! Celebrate Open Source with @DigitalOcean @Github and @Twilio. More info coming soon…

— Pybites (@pybites) September 07, 2018

A great instructional on Decorators!

Submitted by @Erik.

Make Your #Python Prettier With Decorators

— Amged Rustom (@codehill) September 08, 2018

Given Hacktoberfest is on the way: 50 Popular Python open-source projects

Want to get involved in python #OSS projects? Here’s a list of projects to get you started 🐍

— Women Who Code BOS (@wwcboston) September 08, 2018

Snowy: A Small Python 3 module for manipulating and generating images

Submitted by @Erik (thanks again mate!).

Snowy, a pure Python image library accelerated with Numba

— Python LibHunt (@PythonLibHunt) September 06, 2018

Simple Celery

Submitted by @dgjustice.

“Codementor: Use The File System To Queue Celery Tasks”

— Rui Quintino (@rquintino) September 12, 2018

The UNIX Philosophy

Submitted by @Erik.

The secret sauce behind *nix success: Doing One Thing, Well: The UNIX Philosophy | Hackaday

— Christine Hall (@BrideOfLinux) September 13, 2018

The man behind the core 100Daysofcode Challenge! A great listen

This week’s episode of the podcast is all about #100DaysOfCode. You’ll hear from @ka11away…

— (@freeCodeCamp) September 13, 2018

Python hits the Top 3 in popularity!

Python. Top 3. It’s official. #positivepython

— Kenneth ☤ Reitz (@kennethreitz) September 10, 2018

Learn to code Python with Project Python

Submitted by @Erik.

Project Python is a free interactive book that will teach you to code in Python, using graphics, animations, and ga…

— Phil Shapiro (@philshapiro) September 13, 2018

Awesome Talk Python episode on the Python Community

RT @TalkPython: How well do you know the Python ecosystem? What’s the ratio of web devs to data scientists? That question and many more ans…

— Betsy Waliszewski (@betswaliszewski) September 10, 2018

Sentdex is back with his self-driving cars in GTA V!

The return of self-driving cars in GTA V, Charles 2.0 begins: #machinelearning #deeplearning #python

— Harrison Kinsley🐍 (@Sentdex) September 10, 2018

More Hettinger wisdom

Writing production #python code: * Simplest thing that works * Consider type signatures * Add repr, copy, and pickl…

— Raymond Hettinger (@raymondh) September 12, 2018

Cool, plot graphs on the console!

Ever wanted to plot graphs in the console? Try #bashplotlib package.

— Daily Python Tip (@python_tip) September 14, 2018

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