July 12th, 2019

PyBites: Code Challenge 62 – Women @ Pycon ES

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There is an immense amount to be learned simply by tinkering with things. – Henry Ford

Hey Pythonistas,

Coming thursday, the 18th of July 2019, we will organize a special challenge in collaboration with Python Alicante.

Spin up your favorite editor and start coding in Python!

The Challenge

We’d like to keep to a PyCon theme so let’s find out how many female speakers have been at PyCon ES and what the trend is:

  • Scrape 5 year’s worth of Pycon ES sites, years 2013-2018, and for each year extract all of the speakers. They are usually located under “schedule”, “agenda” or “charlas”.

  • Once you have a list of all of the speakers per year, use a Python lib or API of choice to determine if the speaker is female or not.

  • Bonus 1: How does this data compare to Pycon US and/or EU?

  • Bonus 2: Plot the data with your favorite data viz library – did the % of female speakers at Pycon ES go up or down in the past years? How does it compare to the Pycon US/EU findings in Bonus 1?

  • PR your work on our platform no later than 19th of July midnight AoE.

  • The Pybites / Python Alicante jury will only look at solutions from Ninjas that PR their work and include code for both bonus items. Submission speed and elegance will be looked at in particular. Winners will receive one of 3 prizes at random:

We encourage you to join our PyBites Slack Community and hop in the #pyday channel to collaborate. Please do not post solutions in this channel.

Last but not least: the intent is not to just focus on the best solution. Rather, the priority for all should be to learn and improve your Python skills. Keep it cool like Fonzie and enjoy the ride!

Ideas for future challenges, channel ideas / requests can be submitted via GH Issues.

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>>> from pybites import Bob, Julian

Keep Calm and Code in Python!

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