Multicopter is a company created for the high performance multirotor market in the world.

Our company offers the best options in the market for the professional who need the ultimate solution in Aerial Video and Photos.

We offer a complete line since the first steps, choosing the best equipment for the personal needs to the final delivery of the product! Working with our clients all the necessary training and giving the deserved attention which the client needs and expect from his investment!


DonĀ“t know where to begin?

The information is too confused?

There are many brands on the market?

Well, you are not alone! The multirotor market is very wide and there are many good choices and many bad as well.

The perfect multirotor for your business must be very carefully picked and for that reason is working just with the best brands in the market and always looking for some innovations and new partners with real good products.

This way, we can have our gear to offer the best services to our customers in the Aerial Photo and Film at the same time offering for the other customers the best solutions for their needs.

We sell the same machines that we use for our services, so in that way you can not only trust in our opinions but can really see the machines working and getting the footage with your own camera.

For that reason we only sell RTF Unities, the kits are bought from our suppliers, but the final results are completely different!

The machine is assembled in OUR own methods and with our special customization giving each customer the exact machine for his/hers needs!


Our MAIN GOAL is very simple, give each customer the exact machine needed! Explaining, teaching and giving all the support, before, during and after the purchase.

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