March 12th, 2019

leftmouseclickin: Plot the stock value graph with python

Python, by admin.
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Welcome back to the ongoing Forex/Stock application project. In this chapter, I have created a button which will call the method that will make the API call using the alpha vantage module to retrieve a particular stock value and then creates the stock value vs time interval graph. I will just use one of the random stock to show the example and will further modify this feature in the next chapter where a user will be able to select any major stock that he wishes from the combo box to retrieve it’s valued and then the program will plot the value vs the time graph accordingly. Here is the modified version of the python program.

import json
from tkinter import *
import tkinter.ttk as tk
from alpha_vantage.foreignexchange import ForeignExchange
from alpha_vantage.timeseries import TimeSeries
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

win = Tk() # Create tk instance
win.title("Real Forex n Stock") # Add a title
win.resizable(0, 0) # Disable resizing the GUI
win.configure(background='white') # change window background color

selectorFrame = Frame(win, background="white") # create top frame to hold base and quote currency combobox
selectorFrame.pack(anchor = "nw", pady = 2, padx=10)
currency_label = Label(selectorFrame, text = "Select base currency / quote currency :", background="white")
currency_label.pack(anchor="w") # the currency pair label

curr1 = tuple() # the tuple which will be populated by base and quote currency
currency_list = ['AUD', 'BCH', 'BNB', 'BND', 'BTC', 'CAD', 'CHF', 'CNY', 'EOS', 'EUR', 'ETH', 'GBP', 'HKD', 'JPY', 'LTC', 'NZD', 'MYR', 'TRX', 'USD', 'USDT', 'XLM', 'XRP'] # major world currency pairs

# populate the combo box for both the base and quote currency
for key in currency_list:
    curr1 += (key, )

# Create a combo box for base currency
base_currency = StringVar() # create a string variable
based = tk.Combobox(selectorFrame, textvariable=base_currency)
based['values'] = curr1
based.pack(side = LEFT, padx=3)

# Create a combo box for quote currency
quote_currency = StringVar() # create a string variable
quote = tk.Combobox(selectorFrame, textvariable=quote_currency)
quote['values'] = curr1
quote.pack(side = LEFT, padx=3)

s = StringVar() # create string variable which will be used to fill up the Forex data
# create currency frame and text widget to display the incoming forex data
currencyFrame = Frame(win)
currency = Label(currencyFrame)
text_widget = Text(currency, fg='white', background='black')
s.set("Click the find button to find out the currency exchange rate")
text_widget.insert(END, s.get())

buttonFrame = Frame(win) # create a bottom frame to hold the find button
buttonFrame.pack(side = BOTTOM, fill=X, pady = 6)

# first get the api key and secret from the file
f = open("alpha.txt", "r")
api_key = f.readline()
api_key = api_key.replace('\n', '')

def get_exchange_rate(): # this method will display the incoming forex data after the api called

        cc = ForeignExchange(key= api_key)
        from_ = based.get()
        to_ = quote.get()

        countVar = StringVar()  # use to hold the character count
        text_widget.tag_remove("search", "1.0", "end")  # cleared the hightlighted currency pair

        if(from_ != '' and to_ != '' and from_ != to_):
            data, _ = cc.get_currency_exchange_rate(from_currency=from_, to_currency=to_)
            exchange_rate = dict(json.loads(json.dumps(data)))
            count = 1
            sell_buy = str(count) + ".) Pair : " + exchange_rate['1. From_Currency Code'] + "(" + exchange_rate['2. From_Currency Name'] + ")" + " / " + exchange_rate['3. To_Currency Code']+"(" + exchange_rate['4. To_Currency Name'] + ") : "  + str(exchange_rate['5. Exchange Rate']) + '\n'
            text_widget.delete('1.0', END)  # clear all those previous text first
            text_widget.insert(INSERT, s.get())  # display forex rate in text widget

            pos =, "1.0", stopindex="end", count=countVar)
            text_widget.tag_configure("search", background="green")
            end_pos = float(pos) + float(0.7)
            text_widget.tag_add("search", pos, str(end_pos))  # highlight the background of the searched currency pair
            pos = float(pos) + 2.0

        print("An exception occurred")

def plot_stock_echange():

        ts = TimeSeries(key=api_key, output_format='pandas')
        data, meta_data = ts.get_intraday(symbol='TWTR', interval='1min', outputsize='full')
        data['4. close'].plot()
        plt.title('Intraday Times Series for the stock (1 min)')
        print("An exception occurred")

action_vid = tk.Button(buttonFrame, text="Find", command=get_exchange_rate) # button used to find out the exchange rate of currency pair
action_stock_plot = tk.Button(buttonFrame, text="Plot Stock", command=plot_stock_echange) # button used to plot the intra-minute stock value


The modified version of the @stock/@FOREXcom program written with @ThePSF

— TechLikin (@ChooWhei) March 12, 2019

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