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The Best Python Books for All Skill Levels

Just about every year is a good year to be investing in Python learning, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Employment opportunities are opening for Python developers in fields beyond traditional web development.

An IBM blog post reports that Python is now the dominant language in many data science and machine learning careers. We charted data from DataScienceCentral to see how well Python is doing in this new field. Here is the result.

The Best Python Books for All Skill Levels

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We’re pleased to announce the January 2018 release for the Microsoft Python extension for Visual Studio code is now available. You can the download the Microsoft Python extension for VS Code from the marketplace, or install it directly from the extension gallery in Visual Studio Code. You can learn more about Python support in Visual Studio Code in the VS Code documentation.

In this release we closed a total of 72 issues focusing on linting improvements, support for virtual environments,

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Feel okay today energy level good. Strangest part all of the days I don’t feel any hunger at all during morning hours.


69 kg


Cotton mouth gone, pain at the side of the ribs remain but less pronounced.

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In accordance with our security release policy, the Django team is issuing Django 1.11.10 and Django 2.0.2. These release addresses the security issue detailed below. We encourage all users of Django to upgrade as soon as possible.

CVE-2018-6188: Information leakage in AuthenticationForm

A regression in Django 1.11.8 made
django.contrib.auth.forms.AuthenticationForm run its
confirm_login_allowed() method even if an incorrect password is entered.
This can leak information about a user, depending on what messages
confirm_login_allowed() raises. If confirm_login_allowed() isn’t
overridden, an

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We have been working on Wallaroo, our scale-independent event processing system, for a little over two years. When we open sourced it in September of 2017 we included an API for writing applications using a Python API. This blog post tells the story of what we learned from the feedback we received about the original API and how we applied that feedback to make improvements that have led to our new API. … Read the rest

The is the second monthly news for Tryton. The developers have not been idle
during the month of January.

A steaming lake with a sunset behind CC BY NC ND 2.0 Keith Williams

XML Style

The XML style guideline has been updated to
remove the constraint of 80 columns. It appeared that this rule did not
produce good readable file. Instead we accept to have the opening tag on a
single line or one attribute per line.


A new back-end trytond-gis has been
added to support

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There are lots of ways to up your skills.
Of course, I’m a big fan of learning through reading books, such as upping your testing skills by reading Python Testing with pytest.
And then there are online learning systems and MOOCs.

At the other end of the spectrum is a full blown university degree.

One option kind of in the middle is continuing education programs available through some universities, such as University of Washington.

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So the context is this; a zip file is uploaded into a web service and Python then needs extract that and analyze and deal with each file within. In this particular application what it does is that it looks at the file’s individual name and size, compares that to what has already been uploaded in AWS S3 and if the file is believed to be different or new, it gets uploaded to AWS S3.

Uploads today
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Python 3.7.0b1 is the first of four planned beta previews of Python 3.7, the next feature release of Python.  This preview marks the end of the feature development phase for 3.7.  Beta releases are intended to give you the opportunity to test new features and bug fixes and to prepare your projects to support the new feature release. We strongly encourage you to test your projects with 3.7 during the beta phase and report issues found to as soon … Read the rest