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and the Data Driven Discovery Initiative from the Moore

I’m pleased to announce the release of Dask version 0.16.0. This is a major
release with new features, breaking changes, and stability improvements. This
blogpost outlines notable changes since the 0.15.3 release on September 24th.

You can conda install Dask:

conda install -c conda-forge dask

or pip install from PyPI:

pip install dask[complete] --upgrade

Conda packages are available on conda-forge channels. They … Read the rest

0. Saindo da zona de conforto

Sinta-se um vencedor, se você chegou até aqui, isso significa que quer aprender mais sobre o mundo da programação.

Aprender novos paradígmas podem te trazer muitas coisas positivas, assim como aprender linguagens diferentes, pois paradígmas e linguagens transpõem maneiras, estruturas e métodos de implementação completamente diferentes. Com isso você pode ter mais ferramentas para usar no dia a dia. Você pode aumentar sua capacidade de expressar ideias de diferentes maneiras. Eu penso que o … Read the rest

This post contributed by Jake Lever, a PhD student in the University of British Columbia’s Bioinformatics program. NumFOCUS was pleased to provide funding support to the hackseq17 hackathon. hackseq17: Canada’s genomics hackathon hackseq17: Canada’s genomics hackathon was held at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in late October. This event brought together a diverse set […] … Read the rest

Using Machine Learning to Predict the Weather: Part 2

This article is a continuation of the prior article in a three part series on using Machine Learning in Python to predict weather temperatures for the city of Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States based off data collected from Weather Underground’s API services. In the first article of the series, Using Machine Learning to Predict the Weather: Part 1, I described how to extract the data from Weather Underground, parse it, and clean it. For a summary of the … Read the rest

This Alexa-enabled smart speaker from Eufy is discounted 43% today on Amazon as part of their “Black Friday Week” event (see all of today’s active deals here). Stream music from Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM and others. Control smart home devices. Ask for weather, sports score, news and more. Eufy Genie currently averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon where Its typical list price has been reduced 43% to just $19.99. See it on Amazon here.

This story, “Today, … Read the rest

The cmd module contains one public class, Cmd , designed to be used as a base class for interactive shells and other command interpreters. By default it uses readline for interactive prompt handling, command line editing, and command completion. Read more… This post is part of the Python Module of the Week series for Python …

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55 seconds versus 20 seconds: this is the reason why I am switching from Chrome to Firefox for my automated tests.  I normally wouldn’t write a blog post about what browser I use for testing but I found the difference between the new Firefox and Chrome so striking that I thought I should write about it. If you want to know the details, please read on.

To test Reeborg’s World, I use two different testing strategies:

  1. I run unit
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This week we welcome Adrian Rosebrock (@PyImageSearch) as our PyDev of the Week. Adrian is the author of several books on Python and OpenCV. He is also the author of, a very popular Python blog that focuses on computer vision. Let’s take some time to get to know him a bit better!

Can you tell us about yourself and PyImageSearch?

Hi Mike, thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed on PyDev of the Week.


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All I wanted to do was trigger a job on another Jenkins instance. Here’s all
the things I tried.

  • Tried out a plugin. This plugin does not work
  • Forked the plugin and applied some of the patches that have been contributed.
  • I wrote Python code to do it.
  • I wanted to get a “Build Cause” working and since that didn’t work on the
    first few tries, I added it as a parameter.
Pretty much what I kept hitting

It turns out that what I thought … Read the rest

If you’ve been a scrum master for some time, you have learned some of the practices that make teams successful:

  • You know how to help teams commit and deliver results at the end of sprints.
  • You handle blocks so that they aren’t impediments to the team completing more difficult user stories.
  • You know how to run the fundamental meetings including commitment, standups, demos, and retrospectives.

You also have developed some strategies to work with product owners:

  • You help them groom
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