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Amazon has discounted its refurbished Paperwhite models for a limited time, so with the current deal you can get one for just $79.99. That saves you $30 on the typical price of a refurbished model, and saves even more over buying it brand new ($119.99 new). A Refurbished Paperwhite E-reader is refurbished, tested, and certified by Amazon to look and work like new. The popular Kindle Paperwhite has a higher res 300ppi screen, WiFi, a built-in adjustable light, a long … Read the rest

Sometimes, it amazes me how elegant Python is. A class system that is almost as powerful as CLOS, yet easy to use and comprehend. It is truly one of the most powerful programming systems in the world, if you show … Read the rest

This keyboard from Alinshi is flexible, soft, silent, waterproof, dustproof, lightweight, roll-up-able, portable and easy to store. If you’re looking for a travel keyboard you can take with you and won’t have to worry too much about, this one might fit the bill, especially when you consider it’s been discounted 58% to just $13. See the discounted keyboard on Amazon.

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Over the last few months, Visual Studio 2017 has been in preview and many of you have been trying it out and providing feedback. We are very appreciative of everyone who has taken the time to do this.

As many noticed, during an update in January we removed Python support from the VS 2017 Release Candidate. This was done suddenly and without warning, and for that we apologize. We will be making a preview available at launch, and Python support … Read the rest

Today I tested the twill python module with python 2.7 and Fedora 25.
This is: a scripting system for automating Web browsing. Useful for testing Web pages or grabbing data from password-protected sites automatically.
To install this python module I used pip command:
[root@localhost mythcat]# pip install twill
Collecting twill
Downloading twill-1.8.0.tar.gz (176kB)
100% |████████████████████████████████| 184kB 2.5MB/s
Installing collected packages: twill
Running install for twill ... done
Successfully installed twill-1.8.0

Let’s try some tests:

[mythcat@localhost ~]$ python
Python 2.7.13
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Today we’re launching our new course Unsupervised Learning in Python by Benjamin Wilson. Say you have a collection of customers with a variety of characteristics such as age, location, and financial history, and you wish to discover patterns and sort them into clusters. Or perhaps you have a set of texts, such as wikipedia pages, and you wish to segment them into categories based on their content. This is the world of unsupervised learning, called as such because you are … Read the rest

Our eighth Early Access Program (EAP) release for PyCharm 2017.1 is out now! Get it from our EAP page.

New Features

  • Vue.js initial support. Vue is a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) JavaScript framework which is becoming ever more popular. To use it, you need to install the Vue.js plugin. You can install the plugin by going to Settings | Plugins | Install JetBrains Plugins, and then choosing Vue.js. [Pro only]vuejs

Bug Fixes

  • Several issues with the new Data View were resolved.
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Buy at least $50 worth of stuff on Amazon today, Feb 22, and you’ll see a magical $8.62 discount applied at checkout when you enter the code BIGTHANKS. Yes — it’s free money. Amazon is offering this one-day discount to celebrate a 86.27 score they were given on a recent corporate reputation survey. If you’ve been putting off some purchases, today might be a good day to pull the trigger. Head over to Amazon and get your discount right Read the rest

When it comes to programming, I have a belt and suspenders philosophy.
Anything that can help me avoid errors early is worth looking into.

The type annotation support that’s been gradually added to Python
is a good example. Here’s how it works and how it can be helpful.


The first important point is that the new type annotation support
has no effect at runtime. Adding type annotations in your code
has no risk of causing new runtime errors: Python

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The PT-D210 makes it easy to create great-looking labels for your home and office. With convenient one-touch keys, you can quickly access fonts, symbols, frames and templates. Plus, you can preview your work on the display. The highly rated unit is a #1 best-seller on Amazon, where it has been discounted 75%, for what will likely be a limited time. So instead of $40 you’ll be paying just $10. See the deal now on Amazon.

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