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Although I have been developing on Linux for many years, Windows has always been my primary development environment. Usually I develop first on Windows, and then test on Mac OSX and Linux. But recently as I started to get more into Docker, it has started to make more sense to develop on Linux first.

I have chosen RHEL 7.x as my main development platform. This is unusual choice I guess. The availability of the developer edition made it possible. I

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In the previous post we have sketched out the view that error handling is about expressing the success dependency between operations. I have also indicated the guideline “destructors only for releasing resources”. In this post we are going to see … Continue reading Read the rest

I actually covered this topic before, in this post, but given my recent experience I feel it needs reiterating and a bit of restructuring. It boils down to the observation that any error handling I have encountered — be it … Continue reading Read the rest

March 30th, 2019

Back from C# to Java

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I wanted to write a quick post about my move back from C# to Java.

In 2016 I chose to use C# as the language for a system I was developing. The release of .Net core prompted this move. The key benefits I expected from C# were:

  • Higher productivity
  • Ability to generate native executables – unfortunately, this did not materialize as it seems the AOT functionality in .Net Core was not a priority on server platforms
  • Easier integration with external
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March 15th, 2019

(Not) using namespace std;

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This is called a using directive. Using it in code that is supposed to work for years is not a good idea. Sometimes programmers are given advice to just type using namespace std; and all things from the Standard Library … Continue reading Read the rest

December 9th, 2018

Deducing your intentions

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The language feature in C++17 known as class template argument deduction was intended to supersede factory functions like make_pair, make_tuple, make_optional, as described in p0091r2. This goal has not been fully achieved and we may still need to stick to … Continue reading Read the rest

Compiler warnings can sometimes help us find bugs before we even build our program, but it only works provided that we can make use of the warnings. Especially, when we are aware that warnings detect only symptoms of the bugs … Continue reading Read the rest

October 27th, 2018

Faces of undefined behavior

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I have been busy recently (doing C++-related stuff) and cannot find a spare time for preparing a decent blog post. I expect that to change in November. For the interim I am posting here my last year’s talk at code::dive: … Continue reading Read the rest

September 27th, 2018

Glowroot and Axis

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Unfortunately by default Glowroot does not support logging Axis’ service calls and their response time. You have to write a plugin for this, which is actually very easy once you grasp how the plugins work.



import javax.xml.namespace.QName;

import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.Agent;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.MessageSupplier;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.ThreadContext;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.ThreadContext.Priority;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.Timer;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.TimerName;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.TraceEntry;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.checker.Nullable;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.BindReceiver;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.BindThrowable;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.BindTraveler;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.OnBefore;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.OnReturn;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.OnThrow;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.Pointcut;
import org.glowroot.agent.plugin.api.weaving.Shim;

public class AxisAspect {

  public interface Call 
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July 7th, 2018

Functions in std

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Names of functions from the Standard Library used as pointers/references to functions can cause breakage in your code if you are upgrading to the newer version of C++ or compiling using a different implementation of the Standard Library, or even … Continue reading Read the rest