April 27th, 2017

Carl Chenet: Cryptocurrencies On the New Social Network Mastodon

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As you may know the new Twitter-like social network Mastodon grows rapidly with great features like great UI based on Tweetdeck and with a decentralized architecture allowing resilience against censorship.


But what about cryptocurrencies on Mastodon? My dear readers know cryptocurrencies are one of the topics I care about on this blog, with at least  6 articles already published about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and others.

So I was eager to find account dedicated to the cryptocurrencies on Mastodon. Here is the ones I found:

Bitcoin accounts on Mastodon


Ethereum accounts on Mastodon


Monero account on Mastodon

xmr-logoThat’s only a start

The Mastodon network just started to grow. It’s only the beginning of this network and especially the cryptocurrencies on the Mastodon network. I only found a few accounts that’s I’m sharing today with you.

Don’t hesitate to write comments below in order to increase this list in order everyone benefits from this list and enjoy finding information about cryptocurrencies on the Mastodon network.

… and finally

You can help my work on the Free Software and Open Source projects by donating anything through Liberaypay (also possible with cryptocurrencies). That’s a big factor motivation ?

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