My name is Adrian, I'm a Software Engineer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, UX designer, Front-end, Back-end and all-the-ends-in-the-middle Developer — and just an all-round, jack-of—all-trades web and desktop application guy.

My passion is delivering efficient, robust code that helps people meet their goals. I live in Bucharest and have fun working for Keysight.

My Story_

I'm a critically-thinking creative with over years of experience as a professional software engineer I cut my teeth on a diverse range of programming, starting from PHP, through JavaScript, Java, C/C++ kernel and userspace, C#, Python and other.

Originally I started with C++ which was my language of choice in highschool projects. I went through number of web related technologies. I successfully deployed many websites using PHP and Javascript. I even monetize some of them. In my BS thesis i used Python and was a pleasure to work with it, after that I realized I need to learn new languages.

What I learned is that I work best when I love the concept and people behind a project. I'm inspired by the countless brilliant individuals I've come across and I celebrate those who buck tradition to blaze their own paths to better themselves and their communities. During that time I had to do with enormous number of frameworks or tools like, I love finding solutions to complex problems and stay hungry and foolish.


If you want to see some of the things I’ve built, work with me, have a chat or ask me something, feel free drop me a message. I try to get back quickly.